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Comedian Craig Fox


"At his show I couldn't stop laughing.  I was in pain."

- Millennial fan who is pretty woke

"Craig just keeps the energy going.  I always want to bring new friends to see his stuff."

- An HBIC who loves Nintendo 64 and lives in the East Village

"Even though I couldn't stop laughing there was a deeper level to Craig's comedy.  He's just not worried about saying something, even if it offends you.  It's pretty fearless.

     -A housewife from St. Louis who voted for Trump but lies about it

You’ve never seen someone quite like Craig Fox. I mean, sure… on the outside he fits the profile of a standard comic. A 30-somethin balding dude from Jersey, consumed by countless hours in the dark, seedy basements of the New York City comedy scene. But a night watching him onstage will leave you speechless. Craig’s wild physical comedy captivates, punctuating sharp observations that hit you like a swift roundhouse kick and rock your core. After the laughter subsides, the truth and weight of his words have grown roots in your mind. There is nothing left to say but… “woah”. Bet you didn’t see that coming.


Craig is a multi-faceted talent whose years of theater and improv experience give him a rare stage presence that elevates his comedy and captures his audience’s imagination. He’s built an international following and amassed thousands of fans while on the mic in the heart of the New York City comedy scene. 


Craig is currently a regular in residency with AC JOKES


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